"Thou shalt not be fake to themselves,

thou shalt not rush towards a moving train before reading his ticket,

thou shalt not run away from truth,

thou shalt leap to live,

trust to breathe,

love to complete 

and in the end repeat!"

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sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010

paranoid loneliness

Pink Floyd - Paranoid Eyes

tonight i'm lonely.

tonight i'm insecure and life's just an illusion. a silent illusion, just like the sound of a fallen leaf touching the cobblestone.

i bet you feel lonely too.
wish i were there next to you, so maybe none of us would be so lonely. or maybe we should just be lonely together. or, at least, you could pass your loneliness to me. i can bear with it.

today i saw a world crash down, an end to a war, a let go, a break free, a cloudy sky and rusted leaves in the chestnut trees. today i felt autumn in my veins, i felt cold and i just needed someone to hold me. but tonight i would hold you all, if you promised me you won't feel lonely anymore.

my sky's cloudy, how about yours?
maybe if there's any star on your sky, i could pretend to see it too. so let's just stare at our imaginary stars and stop thinking about today.
let's watch the sky, cloudy or not, and pour our dreams out.

tonight, dreaming is the only cure for loneliness.

wish i could mend my september loneliness with the clear sky in your paranoid eyes ...

wish i was the only one feeling lonely tonight.

so, do you feel lonely now?
call me, and let's paint a smile across the sky.

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