"Thou shalt not be fake to themselves,

thou shalt not rush towards a moving train before reading his ticket,

thou shalt not run away from truth,

thou shalt leap to live,

trust to breathe,

love to complete 

and in the end repeat!"

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luni, 25 iulie 2011

150 words

You. forbidden. catatonic. insomniac. november. shatter. distance. raving. always. crisis. absinthe. touch. summer. lips. sand. genesis. spring. near. tight. sky. warm. feel. heart-shaped. linger. flow. voice. wake. embrace. doodle. reason. guitar. feather. black. scent. disappear. nevertheless. vivid. fade. silent. god. death. riot. grunge. chaos. unknown. breath. crawling. faint. trinity. past. burn. drug. if. addiction. violence. aim. none. deep. home. heartbeat. suicide. surrender. sin. rest. way. schizophrenic. guilt. nightmare. numb. wind. one. odd. chemical. mist. cloud. flesh. blood. crimson. scream. dust. tear. subsequently. bizarre. peace. birth. time. victim. gone. inside. waste. needless. oblivion. thought. mine. fly. stare. lust. astonished. scar. whisper. hope. lullaby. mother. amber. coffee. rise. alive. thousands. fear. same. son. hindsight. above. did. pale. bullet. violation. laughter. fool. change. wound. sick. taste. hate. sane. mechanical. shock. no. smile. sacrifice. oxymoron. mistake. ginger. immortal. luminescence. pain. scorched. hybrid. rust. war. compassion. father. sea. cigarette. sex. heartless. losing. end. wall. i.

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150 cuvinte vulgare, cuvinte despre libertate și cuvinte despre iubire. Frumoasă combinație!

le-am citit pe nerasuflate. :)
am fost atat de nenorocita, incat le-am numarat. sunt toate, si mai cred ca esti cate in putin in toate.

le-am citit pe toate.. si pareau fara de sfarsit..

@Lamaitza: multumesc,a fost deopotriva spontana si foarte lucrata deci apreciez indoit:)
@Kiraa: si eu le-as fi numarat
@29 decembrie: dar ai fi vrut sa aiba sfarsit?
@Suflet de curva: pai in primul rand pentru mine, in al doilea rand pentru un el si in al treilea rand pentru toti cei care se ragasesc aici